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3015 Model Laser Cutting System

Compare to the Competition:

  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on purchase & installation
  • Fast delivery as quick as 90 days vs. the competitors one year+ lead times
  • Free 1 year supply of consumables
  • Free delivery & installation

We’ve been using our laser cutter for over 4 years, 16 hours a day!

Our shop techs believe in the power of the Precision Laser Systems. We have three that we use in our own shop. We’ve run them hard for two shifts daily for over four years.

Fully Enclosed Machine

Double Exchange Workbench

High Strength Machine body

3015 Laser Cutting System

Low cost, high speed, high precision cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized, and more. Easy to use, all-in-one system saves time and money Super-stable and reliable: High strength body and cross beam ensure high tolerable, stability and precise cutting. We sell the world’s leading laser system solutions.

The top-selling 3015 laser system features:

  • Zoned ventilation systems
  • High strength cross beam
  • Servo motor delivers energy efficiency
  • Precision gear drive
  • CNC numerical laser control system

Three cutting power options:

  • 3KW
  • 6KW
  • 12KW


Quality and Service you can depend on. Our Global Network gets you the best-performing system delivered the fastest, and we back it up with industry-best service and support.


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